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EAM - Esposizione artigiani medesi

Artigiani medesi's exhibition was born in the immediate postwar period (in 1946) with the proposal to establish, organise and manage a permantly furniture exhibition in meda city. this initiative contributes to the development of the local furniture industry.

Close to this principal company purpose there is another important aim of social impact: the promotion of all initiatives which contribute to the elevation, education and instruction of new artisans. Cultural heritage and the passion for the art have been jealously guarded and handed down from father to child.


The hard-working city in the core of Brianza becomes very soon an important warm sound stage for the whole production of the wood "made in Italy". Workmanships are really well-finished: decorums, carvings and inlays are entirely realized by hand following traditional methods for the manufacture of the classic furniture.


In substance it proposes models and styles typical of various ages in order to get splendid reproductions of furniture which are located only in museums or in exclusive historic building.


The immediate and increasing interest obtained by marketing has contributed to a decisive success of these artisans. Meda is still a worlwide reference point for this kind of production.