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EAM - Esposizione artigiani medesi

It has been recently renovated and it has entrance in Via Adua
It locates on two floors and it proposes, in a warm atmosphere, classical and modern environments and furniture that are excellent reproductions of age.
You can benefit from consultation of our experts who are able to satisfy the most specific demands and to provide possible estimates on the costs.
In addition to different typologies of furniture there will be finally a great assortment of furniture, like lamps, carpets, porcelains, silvers, pictures and presses and set of other objects for a gift suggestion.


Armchair and sofas in empire style. The parts on sight are in wood carved by hand and gilded in gold leaf. Available in all finishings. Traditional spring padding.

Various elements. The parts on sight are in natural wood with refined decorums of carving and of inlay. The classical little sofa is provided of traditional spring padding.


Leather sofa and fabric inserted in an environment of neo-classical style

The furniture’s tradition of Meda is inspired especially to the classical style, nevertheless interesting productive realities have been affirmed direct to the contemporary padding.

New in our showroom

Offerte e Saldi


Offerte e Saldi

empire style showcase

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glass cupboard

Offerte e Saldi

dining table

Esposizione Artigiani Medesi

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