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Our online catalogue want to be only a selection of the great production of our artisans.

Nevertheless, it contains over 1000 subdivided products, for a simpler consultation, in 12 main categories, each of which foresees a division in subcategories classified by kind, age or style.

Click here under the category of your interest, if you have not already done it in the home page.

Collections Small sofas small armchairs

Lacquered and gilded details Louis XV  small sofa
Duca is a hand carved wooden laquered and decorated sofa Louis XV style
Sofa and chair Brianza
Louis XVI sofa and chair in gilded leaf wood and backs caned art.Brianza
Small sofa and armchair  Louis XVI style  Ducale
Sofa and chair in lacquered and patinated wood Louis XVI art.Ducale
Louis XVI style small sitting  Prestige
Louis XVI style sofa chairs and tables in lacquered wood with carved gilded leaf details art. Prestige
Neoclassical style sofa and armchair  Filippo
Sofa and armchair in natural wood in neoclassical style art.Filippo
Neoclassical style chair and sofa  Tazio
End of empire chair and sofa, natural carved wood patinated and polished, art. Tazio
English style small sitting  Lady
English style chair and bench made of natural polished wood, art.Lord
Englishs style small sofa and armchair Lord
English style small sofa and armchair in natural polished wood art.Lord
English style armchairs  Claudia
Armchairs covered with full-grain antiqued leather, Victorian style art.Claudia
Contemporary small armchair  Arianna
Armchair with removable cover contemporary wheels on the front art.Arianna
Armchair and sofa Diana
Chair and sofa with removable cover, contemporary style
Contemporary armchair and pouf  Cleo
Contemporary style small armchair removable fabric cover art.Cleo
Modern armchair Brigitte
Small armhair, wooden frame and padded with polyurethane foam removable cover, contemporary style
armchair  Maxi Brera
Vintage settees deco leather with polished wooden structure art. Maxi Brera
Decò armchair   Lucrezia
Armchair in natural wood and fabric Deco style art.Lucrezia
Provencal style chair and sofa  Tito
Chair and sofa, in natural wood polished and patinated Provencal style art.Tito
Provencal-style chair and sofa  Rombo
Chair and benche in natural lacquered wood finely decorated, Provencal style art.Rombo
armchair and sofa  Teo
Armchair and sofa fabriccover natural wood patinated and polished, art. Teo