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Our online catalogue want to be only a selection of the great production of our artisans.

Nevertheless, it contains over 1000 subdivided products, for a simpler consultation, in 12 main categories, each of which foresees a division in subcategories classified by kind, age or style.

Click here under the category of your interest, if you have not already done it in the home page.

Collections Writing desks

Roller desk   Genova
French style roller desk with pull out shelf and burl inlays art. Genova
Rose wood French style writing desk with inlays and decorations
Antoinette is a French style writing desk in rosewood inlays and gilded bronze decorations
French style writing desk   Diplomacy
French style riproduction writing desk in rosewood and marquetry art. Diplomacy
Empire style writing desk   Maurizia
Empire style writing desk in rosewood marquetry and gilded bronze decorations art. Maurizia
Empire style writing desk  Empire
Empire style writing desk in walnut and briar art. Empire
Empaire style writing desk  Ginevra
Empire style writing desk and armchair in cherry wood ash burl and inlays art. Geneva
Directory style writing desk  Gaia
Directoire style 5 drawers writing desk in solid cherry wood art. Gaia
Directoire style writing desk  Sergio
Directoire style writing desk with damper and pull out shelf art. Sergio
Directoire style small writing desk Robert
Directory style writing desk with pull out shelf in solid walnut art. Robert
Neoclassical writing desk  Rubens
Neoclassical style solid walnut writing desk art. Rubens
Neoclassical writing desk  Leon
Neoclassical small writing desk made in burl and inlays art. Leon
Desk with roll closure  Philip
Desk with roll closure burl and inlays in Neoclassical style art. Philip
English style writing desk  Capitello
English style writing desk burl inlays and details in gold leaf art. Capitello
Oval  small desk  London
English style original oval desk with burl and inlays art. London
English style writing desk   Vignaz
English style writing desk in natural antiqued wood art. Vignaz
Provencal style writing desk   Joseph
Provencal taste 5-drawers writing desk in solid antiqued cherry wood art. Joseph
Provencal style writing desk  Ciliegio
Provencal style 5-drawer writing desk in solid cherry wood art. Ciliegio
Provencal style writing desk  Corinne
Made in solid walnut provencal style large writing desk with nine drawers art. Corinne
Liberty style writing desk  Amedeo
Liberty style writing desk and swivel armchair art. Medea
Liberty style writing desk  Angers
Liberty style writing desk and armchair in antiqued walnut art. Gianpi